4 Apr 2016

Being Two....

Being two encapsulates every emotion and sensory experience imaginable and they change in minutes on a daily basis. It's all about new adventures and situations and finding out about the world we live in.

A few of my boys moments....

Oh to be able to switch your emotions so quickly - to be crying as if life was over one moment and then glance up and see a butterfly and in that instant you laugh crazily and want to chase it - all previous heartbreak forgotten.

To get so excited at meeting your sister from school every day and to be so full of excitement every time as if it was the first time.

Trying something new and being so chuffed with yourself that you laugh manically and keep standing on the ball with your hands precariously positioned against a brick wall that could grate your face.

Laughing uncontrollably at the guinea pigs regardless of whether they are doing something or not.

Being so wide awake that you are almost bouncing off the walls to then not being able to stay awake and crying because of tiredness.

Falling asleep in uncomfortable circumstances.

Being brave and running away from mummy at every occasion to running to me and hiding if someone talks to you.

Not wanting the food on your own plate and refusing to touch it but eyeing up the same food on someone else's plate and trying to eat it.

Understanding language and the words "yes you can have some chocolate" but ignoring it when someone says no.

Being warned and told not to do something and then when you are eventually told off you cry and run to mummy for cuddles.

Deciding that you don't want to go in your buggy, you want to walk. Only to decide a few steps further on that you really don't want to walk but still refuse your buggy.

Checking your own toes intently as soon as your socks are removed, just to see if there is any toe fluff.

Pretending anything and everything is a mobile phone and walking around with the TV remote shouting "elloooo"

Climbing on anything, regardless of how precarious it seems and looking shocked when you fall off.

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