6 May 2016

Mixed Messages

Motherhood is a random mixture of ups and downs. I'm often caught off guard at how amazing and clever and brilliant my small humans are. I also forget how confusing it is for them sometimes trying to navigate this big wide world.

Don't touch that please...
What a mess! Pick that up please

Don't run, you'll fall over
Quick run...we're late

Slow down, it's not a race
Hurry up we haven't got much time

No you can't eat that
Please eat all of your dinner now

There is no need to shout!
Stop mumbling please as I can't hear you

Share with your brother please!
Don't give him that, he's too little

(Said in my best shouty voice)

Look out for other people please
Don't look at what they are doing, concentrate on what you do

Just go to sleep please
Don't fall asleep now

You will always be my baby
Wow aren't you growing up fast

No you can't eat that...it's dinner soon
Come on...lets eat doughnuts before lunch, one won't hurt

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