3 May 2016

You know they are growing up...

It seems to happen so quickly and within the blink of an eye your baby goes from needing you constantly to telling you that you are doing everything wrong. Ways to know when they are growing up:

When you leave stair gate open and only use it to lock them in for convenience rather than safety.

You realise they've gone downstairs alone and you didn't rush in front of them

The buggy starts gathering dust and is used on the odd occasion.

When you ask them to do something and they understand or say "why?"

When you pick your cup of tea up its not four hours later and stone cold

You can all enjoy watching a film for more than five minutes before someone wanders off

You contemplate taking them on longer car journeys or holidays

They start squabbling with their sibling and just as quickly they are cuddling!

You are safe to offer them any food without checking if it's safe

They shout out the words 'crisps, chocolate, sweets'

Negotiations get serious and can take up lots of time and energy

They run off (intentionally) in the opposite direction to what you want

You are thinking about potty training 

Falling asleep on you is a lovely treat

Every other word out their mouth is either 'NO' or 'Why?'

They have a full on tantrum because you have them the wrong colour cup or the cheese is touching the bread!

You get less sleep than when they were babies....dreams, nightmares, an active brain!

The guilt goes into overdrive...am I doing enough, are they happy, I forgot something...on and on and on

You start thinking it would be a good idea to have another baby....

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