8 Jun 2016

Easy Meal - Family Favourite Salmon fish cakes

****Thought I'd re-share an old favourite, so easy to make and loved by us all*****

Now Bubba likes salmon of all description (her favourite is smoked salmon) and red tinned salmon is next on the list. The girl has some serious expensive taste.

Knowing this I have never made her salmon fish cakes which is rather short sighted of me. Well with half a tin of pink salmon left over I decided to take the plunge. She ate them with a shrug and a look as if she'd always eaten them.


100g cooked potato (peeled and then mashed)
1tbsp mayo
1tsp tomato ketchup
half a tin of pink salmon
15g cheese of your choice grated
breadcrumbs to coat fishcakes

Peel the potatoes, chop into small chunks and boil. Drain and leave to cool
Mix the mayo, grated cheese and ketchup into the potatoes and lightly mash. Mix in the salmon and season to taste.

Form into little fishcakes and coat in the breadcrumbs. Heat some oil in a pan and gently fry the cakes for five minutes each side (as you can see above, I went a bit mad on the frying and so mine came out more golden (read burnt) than they should have been. You can also use fresh salmon for this recipe or tinned red salmon if you prefer.

Serve with veg of your choice for a super healthy meal. I made about eight little cakes and Bubba had one and a half - I then took the rest to work the following day with a salad and scoffed the lot!

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