29 Jun 2016

I kiss you a million times

What must it feel like to be loved so much...

I kiss you first thing in the morning whilst I carry your warm snugly body downstairs and hug you close.

I kiss you and laugh when you do something really silly and start brushing your nose instead of your teeth

I kiss you when I catch you after you ran off when I told you we were changing you nappy

I kiss you as I rush out the door, feeling guilty and already late for work, constantly looking back

I kiss you when I collect you after your day away from me. You are tired and shrug me off

I kiss you when I've just snapped at you, an I'm sorry kiss and I hug you so tight

I kiss you when you take a tumble in the garden and graze your knee, tears in your eyes

I kiss you after telling me how someone called you names for wearing glasses

I kiss you as you run over and voluntarily give me a big bear hug

I kiss your head when you snuggle on my lap tired from the day

I kiss you goodnight as I tuck you in, ready for a new day.

I kiss you as I watch you sleep and marvel at your brilliance and I love you just a little more than yesterday

I look forward to kissing you again tomorrow

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