14 Jun 2016

Reading to my Toddler

It's great now that Bubba has started to read to herself and us and can recognise words. She enjoys books with stories now and listens intently as you read to her and with her. Cub has a different relationship with books, it's lovely to see him explore them with wonderment but he hasn't developed a respect for them yet. He bends the pages, throws books around and sits for moments rather than ages.

He does love books and we read a couple of stories every night - it's still the basics at the moment but it will do. Now he will bring books to me to look at and points, shouting 'Look!' at every page and I'm looking forward to our reading adventure.

Cub has his favourite books and he also loves nothing better than emptying his sisters book case and taking the loose covers from the books and scattering them around the room. I've started to notice that he is more careful now though, in general, and will bring a book to me and sit down ready for me to read.

For his birthday I got him a few new books and he also got a few from family which he also loves.

So here are what my toddler is currently reading...or being read of a night time.

Lost and Found - we already have this in hardback but there is such a delight in reading a picture book and this one is a firm favourite every night for our boy.

Very First 1.2.3 - he loves the three boats and traces the numbers with his hand. He is starting to get the hang of counting now.

What's for lunch? - this Eco book is lovely and simple, each page we find what's for lunch in different places and for different animals. It's quirky and its right up my street....good job really seeing as cub wants to read it all the time.

Very first book of things to spot out and about - my boy loves cars and bikes and trucks and trains and so this book is one that he can look at and point at. It's also great for his expanding vocabulary now and he is like a little sponge...say it once and he repeats it back to you. This book has lots of cute pictures and is a riot of colour on each page, great for any new language learners out there.

What are your favourite books? I'm always looking for more to add to our collection....
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