18 Jul 2016

Easy Meals - Chunky Beef Tacos

I love comfort food and even more I love it when a meal is easy to make and tastes naughtier than it actually is. So here is one that ticks all the boxes for me. 

Slow Cooked Chunky Beef Tacos


First I browned the diced beef in the slow cooker (oh did I mention it's also a one pot meal), then I added a chopped onion, red kidney beans and a taco seasoning (which I've written about before...here's the link

Give it all a stir and leave for four to eight hours...I always leave it longer as we don't eat until later in the evening and I go out early...Oh the joys of a slow cooker.

Then voila.... we serve with cheese and also sometimes a tomato/spring onion salsa - depends how we feel. I wish I could make this a longer blog post but that would do it a disservice as it really is as simple as that.

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