20 Jul 2016

Get Kids Reading more over the Summer - Competition

I've written about my children's love of reading lots and also how reading reduces for many when they hit the summer holidays. It's easy to do and we even found ourselves saying just this week that it was a relief we didn't have to write in Bubba's home book and read her story. I'm not going to force the issue every week but we will make a conscious decision to practice her reading over the summer holidays. I recently wrote about ways to get children reading.

So to help this along and because I want to change the world one book at a time, I have put together a fantastic competition on my facebook page. For younger children (2-6yrs) I am asking them to colour in a cute kitten picture and get parents to engage with what is their favourite book and why and perhaps practice reading.

For older children (7+ yrs), I'd like children to design their own book title and cover and really explore what it is that they love reading and what they would perhaps like to read.

So if you have children, please do visit my page on Facebook: Babble books as you just need to print them off and then post a picture on my page or send me a direct message with the documents in. 

There are two books up for grabs for the best in each category.

I'm also running a Lucky Squares game for adults - Pick a number (that hasn't been taken) between 1-50 and send £2 and you could win £50 of Usborne books of your choice and then £50 will be donated to Save the Children Uk. More details can be found on my facebook page...

Save the Children have a fantastic initiative 'FAST' - Families and Schools Together, which aims to bring the two together to improve children's literacy in schools. A shocking 1in 5 primary school children leave school without adequate reading skills and in more impoverished areas this changes to 1 in 3children. Some children do not get access to books or enough support at home or at school to read better. I really want to help others and if you do too I would be grateful for any help you can give (plus if you do not want or need the books yourself, you could donate them to a local worthy charity).

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