14 Jul 2016

Growing up...'but I want to be a baby again'

It's not often my girl is unwell, so when she is you REALLY know about it! Hopefully it's nothing bad but she keeps getting a spiked temperature and then it levels out.

So we had one of those days, I stayed home from work and she lay in a princess bed on the floor. I got so much work done and even 15 mins on the exercise bike...all before we had to get her brother at midday.

Anyway I showed her a lovely cute video of children growing up. It had made me cry and she'd wanted to know why I was crying...so I showed her this.

It made her cry too and she kept saying she didn't want to grow up and wanted to stay a baby.

I scooped her up and we talked about why she didn't want to grow up. She wants to stay a baby so that I love her more and concentrate on her more. It made my heart lurch and as I held her tight I told her that she's always, always going to be my baby girl.

I wish she'd stay my baby forever...but she won't and will grow and be and do...

When she does I'll be proud to watch and know that growing up is the best thing she can do for both of us.

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