25 Jul 2016

My dream holiday - Staying Stylish in Spain

#styleyourwaytospain - our diary entry for the week of my dreams with a Clickstay villa


Day One...

The sunlight is streaming though the curtains and I can happily hear the kids on the veranda chattering away all excited. I'm almost ready and just need to throw my kaftan over my swim suit, grab my hat and get myself involved...the light breeze is blowing the aroma of pine trees and eucalyptus into the room as I pick up my hat. This feels like we could be in heaven right now.

I'm not the most style conscious of mothers and this is the first time we've been abroad as a family so I've had to start from the beginning. I decided on a capsule wardrobe and I chose some beautiful bits, the swim suit is so flattering and don't get me started on the sunglasses...I feel like a movie star when I've got them on. I got the approval from Bubba "Mummy I like your shoes and hat...can I have them?"

I love a kaftan so that is my essential throw over to protect my modesty and my skin as I meander down to the garden room. The path is so pretty and as Bubba skips in front of me I stop and take a photograph of her, watching her relaxed and happy, seeing more freckles appear each day its the stuff of dreams.

Day two....

Walking down to the pool, the sun warming our backs, my bag is bulging with pool toys, arm bands and sun lotion. We stop against one of the pretty pink walls to have a family selfie, framed by tropical flowers. Even the hubster is getting into all this selfie lark - mainly after I kept going on that we didn't have enough photographs of us all together!

The kids are too eager to get in the crystal clear blue water. I'm ready to settle down to read in the shade and watch my family splashing around but its a tough decision wondering which sun lounger to choose...

Cub loves the water, way more than the rest of us, he is getting good a jumping in now - no fear what so ever and I must admit my nerves are a little shredded although it's great seeing his confidence growing.

Day three...

It's easy in the sunshine to keep the children kitted out and happy. Running to the table for a spot of lunch it's hard not to snap a photo for Instagram of their big smiles and freckles - so far we've chosen a different terrace each day (there are three to choose from). The kids bright t-shirts highlighting their tanned limbs, for them it's easy, fun and interchangeable bits, things that they can relax in and keep cool. I got them some really cool bits before we left home, bubba swans around like she is off to her next photo shoot - demanding that I take her photo as she poses by the pool, at the beach or by the bunk beds in her room!!!...(she now wants bunk beds at home too).

When the sunshine gets too much or in the lull before we decide to go out for an early dinner it's nice to laze around in the cool. The view is stunning and it's hard not to get side tracked and stare out dreamily or take endless photos, we will take some lovely memories home with us.

p.s. the tower you can see to the left of the picture has a wonderful spiral staircase that leads to our master bedroom. It's amazing to watch the stars at night from the balcony area, I'll miss it when we go home.

Day four....

Tonight we've decided to travel to the local village and have an early dinner. It's only a 10 minute walk but the kids are beside themselves with excitement at the prospect of going out walking at night. It's still lovely and humid out and yet again I've decided to keep things simple, this capsule wardrobe idea is really working out for me at the moment.

I've gone for a tribal feel, keeping in trend and its fun with bright colours and a few pom poms, I'm still using my beach bag as it's so handy to store all the kids bottles and toys to keep them busy whilst we hopefully enjoy a family dinner and a few cocktails. I'll have to be careful climbing up these stairs tonight though, although my wedges should make me a bit more stable!!! Bubba uses these stairs as a catwalk and is often demanding that I take her pictures or video at least 10 times a day, she'll miss this villa once we get home.

Day five...

Well I can safely say that I need to up my game in the cocktail stakes! I only managed a few and I've had to spend most of the morning here on the porch nursing my hangover. Hubby and the kids went to the shop and brought an ice cream back for me which was needed. Bubba tried to steal my camera to take photo's of me but honestly I think I may have broken the camera today, shocking...glad we don't have to share this space with anyone who doesn't know me!!!

Hubby decided that he was going to cook us all pizza for lunch in the outside stove in the kitchen area, it's really lovely and a really nice place to sit and eat or just take a break from the sunshine. I think I need to go on a diet when I get home, all this relaxing with food and wine is making my wonderful new clothes a bit snug already!

We've had an amazing week so far and the weather has been so nice,  none of us want to leave now and we have lots of shells from the beach to take home for our memory jar. The kids have spent so much time out in the fresh air, Bubba had perfected her swimming and cub's hair has gone so blonde and sun kissed. I don't think I've ever seen hubby so relaxed either, a much needed break for us all.

I can't wait to show you all our photographs, honestly I've literally taken millions, my poor mum and dad having to look through all of them when we get back!

If you want to know where we stayed, it's here...Villa La Sirena


This is my entry into the Clickstay blogger competition to #styleyourwaytospain

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Image credits: Nerja - Dailymail; Villa - Clickstay; outfits - My outfits are Net-a-porter and the kids are Next
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