8 Jul 2016

The IKEA Makeover - my boy the star

Well it was a normal day and I was browsing through Facebook and saw a friend had liked the IKEA uk page and there was a competition...so I liked the page and knew whose room could do with being our best room.

"What if your box room was the best room"

So I went and took a picture of Cubs room, it's a box room and badly in need of updating. Sadly it is a room that would have to join the back of the queue as we have other rooms with real issues and we had decorated (sort of) when we moved in. I entered saying I wanted a room fit for a growing 2yr old who was transitioning to a bed and to show off his developing personality.

I checked back a few times over the week and dreamed about what it could look like, there were lots of entries so I wasn't expecting much.Until I logged on one evening to find this...

I checked with hubby, danced around the room a bit and called my mum. A few days later the team got in contact with us, a conference call was set up, I explained what cub liked and a designer was dispatched the next day to look at the room. A date was set and then we were sent the design ideas...this all happened in the space of two weeks...it was a whirlwind.

One night we were sent lots of bags of Ikea goods, a flat pack bed and desk and the cutest little chair I've ever seen. We didn't peak in the bags as it would have spoilt the surprise and put the bags in our summerhouse so the kids didn't get rummaging either.

The Monday arrived and hubby and I both took the day off and the kids were at nursery and school. At 8am (they were waiting outside in the van from about 7.15am) they descended on us. Cameras were set up, rooms taken over and catering set up in the kitchen.

We removed ourselves from the house but managed to take a few of these first...and went for a quiet coffee where we managed to plan out our next stage of our lives, cub getting older, how I'd fit work and family commitments around his ability to soon have 15 hours free childcare (well early next year).

It was chaotic at times and challenging trying to stay away with two small children when all you want to do is go home. We came home at 5pm, with two grumpy and hot kids and found the transformation complete but we had to wait another hour before we got to view the end results and have our photo session in the room. So we spent an hour in the garden running around and playing, apprehensive as to how the next hour or so would pan out.

It was magical, the team were lovely to have around and the designer Reli did a wonderful job for us, there wasn't one bit of it we didn't like. Cub got straight to work at his desk and playing with all the toys and new things in his room. It was staggering, the attention to detail and the many many things we had gifted upon us that it was hard to take it all in (to be honest I still now go in and just look around, thanking our lucky stars that we were chosen).

And that wallpaper...it's amazing and our boy just stares up at it as he drifts off to sleep every night.

Before the makeover I was apprehensive that he would be moving to a big boy bed but he was more than ready. He's only fallen out once (so far) and two weeks in he still loves it, as do we.

The kids now play together and separately in his room and it's lovely to watch them and to sit in his room. We got very lucky and it's wonderful to watch the video and my gorgeous little man.

Our Thank you's...we are so grateful to...
Our designer Reli, please go over and check out his website: www.aurelienfarjon.com
The Ikea team who made this happen we thank you once again

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