23 Aug 2016

Toddler Bean Pillow - Crafty Corner

 *** Update - we still use this bean bag now and I'm making one for cub too ***

For a while now, Bubba has been a bit of a crazy throwing herself down on things type of girl and I've been looking for a toddler sized beanbag.

I haven't been able to find one I really liked that was the right price so decided to try and make one myself. I cheated a bit as I used a child's duvet cover - I had often admired it and as it already had one side sewn (I cut two sides down to the size I wanted) at least I had one straight edge. It also worked out cheaper than buying material separately and I've got lots left over to make more bags if needed.

I turned the material inside out and pinned the two edges to sew and then simply sewed the edges up (remembering to leave a gap for my beans to go in. I used a bag of top up beans and had to get Hubby to help coax the beans in the bag.

I did all this in Bubba's hour and a half nap and so when she woke I had a new toy for her to try out and judging by the photo's I took, she quite liked it. Most days she will throw herself on the bag and have a roll around or sit chilling out for a while. Now I know it's a hit I will make a few more for other rooms in the house so she doesn't drag it around with her.


16 Aug 2016

Motherhood...the Olympics

I've always thought of myself as an athlete and this was reinforced when at hospital recently they said my heart rate was low...the same level as a high achieving athlete. Except I don't really exercise much any more, unless you include worrying...cos I do that a lot!

Becoming a mother is very like training for the Olympics...


You train for years before you get there - to be honest, most women are in training for most of their adult life, preparing for becoming a mother one day.

You change your diet and mostly become disciplined about taking pregnancy vitamins and the like.

There is an end date in mind and you work towards it. You are focused on the end goal...your medal.

The training period is long and exhausting...at times the sheer magnitude of the event in hand is terrifying.

Moving on to once your baby is born

Once you are at your peak, it can be short lived...the goal post changes regularly and there are lots of hurdles to overcome.

You get used to one set of training schedules and then your baby decides to change tact and you are back to 4am wake ups.

The sleep deprivation and general lack of motivation makes you realise how fit you need to be to make this work.

Your body shape changed drastically and you need muscles you never knew existed. Rocking a baby to sleep takes sheer willpower and determination.

During the second and third year

You face challenges you never thought possible and you often feel like giving it all up.

Early starts and late finishes keep you in a permanent state of anxiety.

Sometimes it seems all up hill but if you look back you realise how far you've come.

Then you just wish someone would give you a ruddy medal as you are constantly competing on the 'who is more tired' challenge or 'I'm more hard done by than you!' game.

It's easy to forget why you started this but a few smiles and cheers from the other athletes around you and you are back in the game.

Year four...

As soon as you get in front of a crowd it all goes wrong, your team mates let you down and throw tantrums when things don't go your way (usually in a packed supermarket and over a kinder egg!)

Adrenaline fires around your body during summer holidays just like arriving at the Olympic village. The room is never as big as it looked in the brochure and the pool water is a bit green!

 **dailymail pic**

Every day it can feel like you've run the biggest race of your life. Or a marathon...it's never a sprint...always a marathon!

You toast your success and sign up for another four year stint (if you hadn't already)!

Even though lots of time throught this training you said 'Never again' - you would do it all again in a heartbeat...

9 Aug 2016

Holiday Pebble Painting and Colouring

***this craft is another we are doing this year***

We had a good old fashioned family holiday in Britain this year and the weather was glorious. One day we ended up in Cromer which has a very stony beach and I usually collect pretty shells from beaches we go to...so instead I collected a bag of pebbles.

Once we got back to our holiday home, I kept Bubba quiet with a spot of colouring on each stone whilst daddy put the cub to bed. It worked a treat and when we got home we made plans to also paint on a few too.

You can colour these and then cover with clear glue to bond it but we like the faded look and it also means we can go back and start again.

No word of a lie, it kept her quiet for ages....proper ages. It was lovely and simple, I even joined in and had a go. Next we are going to paint the pebbles that are left.


1 Aug 2016

Introducing the classics

I cannot wait until my girl starts reading books to herself, as I was always an avid reader. I can immerse myself in books and want my own library at home (that's a dream of mine). She loves a story and is interested in knowing what is going on in a story. I'll be quick to read The Magic Faraway Tree among others, it really reminds me of my childhood.

I've already started to introduce her to Disney films that I love. My all time favourite is Beauty and the Beast, I know all the words to all the songs. Do you want me to sing it now? No! Oh ok!!

My girl sat transfixed by the film and we watched it twice in the same day. I'm so glad she loves it as much as me, it's magical to watch her sitting wide eyed and it makes it all more special. Guess that's the magic of Disney. Recently she's got into all the latest Disney films so it's good to go skittle bit retro and show her one I love too.

Now I can't wait until she's older and I can initiate her into the world of the 80's classics. Films such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Dirty Dancing. By then they will be called vintage classics and I'll really be showing my age.
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