16 Sept 2016

Fabulous Friday - Back to the grind of the school run

Well we are one week into the school season and back to the grind of making sure we get to school on time and trying to entertain two small people after school who are tired and hungry. The summer holidays already feel like a distant memory but it's silly season for me at work now what with all the great events happening over the next few months. I love a bit of autumn.

What I've learnt this week?

Well more I've been reminded of my daughters resilience...Bubba has for the last few weeks been very scared of dogs after one without an owner present, jumped up and licked her face and nearly knocked her over. It shocked her so much and before that she was a dog lover and wanted to go say hello to every dog - which then turned to screaming in fear even if a dog was on a lead and she was in the car going past.

But we had a break through at a pub in the same park, the two biggest dogs ever where happily sat under a table. At first she freaked and then she calmed down and said she wanted to stroke them, so we asked and it was fine...her love is stronger than her fear again. I'm so proud that she did it and I'm glad she pushed through a fear.

What we've achieved?

A more patient mother - it hasn't worked all the time but I have tried to remember they are only little and this time is precious. There have been some very early starts at our house so I've been downstairs with both kids from 5.30am (that's after resisting leaving my warm bed for some time before we got downstairs!). Previously I have got worried and wondered why and how I can change it and gosh I'm tired! This week I've taken it for what it is and I'm patiently waiting for it to change again...oh it has to change!

Who's rocking the world this week?

Royal Greenwich Tall Ship Festival, we went and watched last year as the ships made their way to Greenwich and there were spectacular. Dozens of tall-masted sailing ships will grace the east end of the Thames with their presence for this five-day festival (14th - 18th Sept 16)

Fabulous product of the week:

I had to include this wonderful paper based product, its the Ultimate Success Planner and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. I'm hoping it'll help me organise my life a little more.

Natalie Rickman on Etsy

What I want to take into next week?

Looking after myself more: I'm good at looking after other people but I've neglected myself recently and so I'm going to start exercising more and going to bed earlier. I also want to read more too and I'm getting hooked on 'Girl on a train' at the moment. I want to be back to my bright eye and bushy tailed best.

Friday thought: (a fabulous affirmation)

My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil
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