9 Sept 2016

Fabulous Friday - New Beginnings

Well welcome to my new Friday series, where I intend to share all things fabulous. As a mother of two I spend so much time doing the nitty gritty of life and I rarely look back (or forward) or really appreciate what we have right now.

So from this day forward I will write down my fabulous Friday musings...

What I've learnt this week?

Well even though I spent most of the six weeks holiday missing our routine and wanting things to get back to normal. Today I cried my eyes out watching my 5yr old walk into school and year1...she seems so young yet so grown up at the same time.

What we've achieved?

An easy transition into a new school year, bubba makes me proud when she takes life in her stride. Things that I find daunting she seemingly just works her way through.

My little man is fairly relaxed as it is and revels in his sisters company and its nice to see them reunited after school. He chats to me properly now and we can both understand each other.

Who's rocking the world this week?

I'm always looking for role models for my kids and seeing as the Olympics have just been and gone, we are still watching clips of Simone Biles. She is simply amazing and powerful and we are looking forward to the Paralympics as I'm sure we will find quite a few more people to admire.

Fabulous product of the week:

These rainbow post it notes, honestly these would make anyone happy. I would never use them...just stare!

From the Daydreaming Doodler

What I want to take into next week?

Patience really, my babies won't be babies forever and I need to be patient and remember it's all a learning curve. I find myself moaning back at my daughter when she moans at me...we get into a tit for tat type argument and I sound worse than she does.

Friday thought: (a fabulous affirmation)

"I am surrounded by love, all is well" Louise Hay
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