7 Sept 2016


This is a post I was sure whether to write or not, more due to my reaction to the situation.

My beautiful girl is now a glasses wearer and she wears them well. She chose them herself and she has been so good about wearing them.

It wasn't in my 'plan' for my girl, it's not something I had even considered. So when it happened I did shed some tears that she had to wear glasses all the time. I'm a glasses wearer (well I should wear them more) for reading and driving as I'm long sighted. So it's not a dislike of glasses just of her situation.

We only had her eyes tested in February this year and given the all clear that her eyesight was fantastic. In May her teacher mentioned that bubba sometimes squinted in lessons and her eye kind of wandered inwards.

We asked bubba and she said she was doing it to make the boys laugh. So for the next few days I crossly told her to stop whenever I saw her do it. But something made me book an appointment at the opticians (& they also told me she wasn't due for another eye test - seeing as the last was only three months prior). I persisted and in early June we had her appointment, which the optician again announced her eye sight was good. Her eye happened to wander at the very end of the appointment and the optician was brilliant and scurried off to get some special lenses. Bubba found they made things less fuzzy, it also corrected her gaze and we were suddenly the proud owners of two pairs of glasses.

We also had to see a specialist up at St Thomas' hospital to find out why her eye was trying to adjust its focus and going crossed. I was nervous she may need an eye patch and desperately hoped not. 

At the moment she doesn't, we just have to make sure she wears her glasses all day, every day until she's about 12...at that point they will see if she needs them long term but the likelyhood is that she will.

Glasses aren't that bad but being only five and not understanding fully why she needs them is challenging. It's also restrictive in everyday life, when it's all about discovering the world around you.
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