5 Sept 2016

Our visit to Longleat - review

For our holiday this year we decided to spend some time near Bath and stayed in a wonderful little cottage (more on that in another post).

Whilst there we decided to visit Longleat for the day. So I used our Tesco club card points to get us as a family of four in for £45.

We got there about 30 mins after opening and had to queue for about five minutes and then we were in.

Our first stop was to see the giraffes and it was busy but on my insistence we queued for about five minutes to feed the giraffe. By this time it was almost 11am and the feeding was tailing off (having started at 10am). I'm so glad we waited, getting so close to them was amazing and feeding them branches of leaves was magical.

After the excitement we wandered across the road and saw the lemar and tortoises and got a coffee for the car journey. By this time everyone else had moved on to the safari and it all felt a little more relaxed.

We got back in the car and carried on, we had decided to swerve the Monkey enclosure as we didn't want our car damaged. There was a long queue to reach it and if we'd realised sooner we would have gone in the other lane (which took you to the bypass). So if you go and don't want your car trashed by monkeys then take the right hand lane (which was empty!).

It's also a good idea to take your own food because the only stop on the safari route was the giraffes and there is a cafe there but nothing for the rest of the time. Having two narly little people meant we had constant requests for food so having a packed lunch saved us from total meltdown.

It also gets busy when you get to the lions and tigers and people pullover and block access so it all got a bit slow at those points. We were lucky that they were all lounging about but we didn't get to see any cheetah or elephants on the day so it's useful to remember this and prepare children beforehand that it sometimes doesn't happen.

We loved the animals we did see and it was lovely to see the children witnessing wild animals up close.

After the safari we parked at the house and went on some of the rides.

We saw animals in the smaller zoo and Bunba was taken by the bat enclosure where we saw them fly above our heads. We saw penguins and meerkats up close and it's great that it's all very interactive.

We would recommend the boat ride (although we had to queue for quite a while) so be prepared. We saw sea lions, gorillas on an island and hippos swimming.

We didn't go on any other rides as it was getting late, the kids just wanted a toy each and were hungry. We got some hotdogs, ice creams and chips (not all in that order) and it was all fairly reasonable in cost.

All in all we had such a great day and if recommend a visit to anyone. It's all well thought out and keeps the attention of the children (well it did our 5yr old and 2yr old). Now is a great time to go as its Longleats 50th anniversary this year.

We even managed a cheeky selfie too...look at that little face that got in on the action!

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