26 Oct 2016

Afternoon Tea - Berkley Hotel PRÊT-À-PORTEA

My two best friends and I have known each other since we were starting school aged 5 so we are well accustomed to our likes and dislikes. It probably comes as no surprise that we love champagne, cakes, fancy restaurants and cakes...lots of cakes.


So when we all turned 40 we decided we needed to go for afternoon tea...for each of our birthdays. We started last December with a Winter wonderland tea, had another in January (my birthday) and again in February for a Mad Hatters tea party at the Oxo tower ...for mine we went to the Berkeley Hotel and their Pret a Portea, it was a lovely experience but a few things were amiss and it wasn't as special as it could have been.

Step up super Nikki who had a word with the hotel and nicely mentioned the few discrepancies and how it was my 40th and we were hoping for the special occasion that had been promised. Much to our amazement they invited us back to experience the magic once again...on them. We were so grateful and excited to say the least and boy were we lucky and it was amazing, first time around it was good but I couldn't work out why people raved about it so much (we went whilst they were renovating and we were in the main restaurant) but second time around it was out of this world amazing. So early September we had another day out - three old friends who skipped out of our respective homes and happily waved goodbye crying toddlers and bemused husbands.

We were seated in their amazing conservatory which was oppulent with crushed velvet sofas and fine china and huge crystal lights that hung over the glass tables. Flowers were dotted around the room and then the food arrived. If you haven't been (unlike me the old pro), the cakes are all based around current fashion and the host will take you through what you are eating and how they relate to the fashion labels and items of clothing.

 They serve tea that accompanies the food and these arrive in huge teapots that took over the table, we incidentally were also treated to a bottle of champagne to start off too which was amazing.

 Each cake was exquisite and the attention to detail was fabulous, we got to try a bit of everything and we really enjoyed ourselves people watching whilst we were there.

We also took some cakes home with us afterwards and I cannot fault the service or attention to detail. Everything about the afternoon tea was magical and amazing and I cannot wait to go back again to sample it all again. I will be back

If its somewhere you would like to check out then visit: http://www.the-berkeley.co.uk/knightsbridge-restaurants-bars/fashion-afternoon-tea/the-royal-masterclass/

They get booked up well in advance and so booking early is well advised.

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