31 Oct 2016

Being a Mindful Mumma - ways to control your mind

I'm very interested in learning and developing myself to become a better version of me, mixed with my perfectionist qualities it sometimes makes for a very anxious struggle between head and heart and one that I don't always win. If I don't do something to the best of my ability or I'm lacking in an area or my children miss out on something, I really give myself a hard time.

I thought it was a good time to give myself some reminders on how to live mindfully with the children and here are some of the things I will be doing:

1) Breathe

Like really breathe through things and let them go. I've recently learnt an easy breathing technique which I practice when I'm anxious or irritated by things outside of my power.

Relax, sitting down with my arms loose at my side...Breathe in for seven.....hold for seven....release for seven.

Keep repeating this until you feel calmer and if your mind drifts during it just keep bringing it back to the breathing. It's so relaxing and empowering.

2) Let myself off the hook

I'm being the best mother I can to my babies and I'm really doing as good as I can. I'm only human so need to let myself of the hook...so what if I forget ballet shoes sometimes or I can't think what to give the kids for dinner or I forget to do the washing. I'm doing the best I can and the kids are good kids and it's because I'm teaching them well. I'm doing good.

3) Sleep

I've been really bad at this one, I've burnt the candle at both ends and gone to bed really late only to be woken during the night or really early the next day. I'm running on empty and always berate myself for not going to bed earlier or relaxing more...goes back to the previous point too - let myself off the hook.

4) See

I see things every day but I'm getting good at ignoring things or not really seeing things, if we are at home I've usually got my phone nearby and if the kids are playing then I pick it up and work but I'm missing the looks between the two of them, the little voices they make up for the toys, the fun they have and the growing up they do. So I'm trying to actually see, put the phone down and listen..when we are out I'm trying to comment on things we don't normally really 'see' like the clouds or a bird in the tree or the leaves falling.

5) Relax

I used to have treatments regularly, my nails done and hair done but since having kids, launching my own business and running a home I sort of let this all go. So I've booked in to have a massage and will be getting my nails done too, I'm trying to relax more and hope that it has the ripple effect through out my life and will enable me to work on all the above points with more clarity and care.
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