28 Oct 2016

Fabulous Friday - Half Term Specials

 School holidays are upon us again and so far this week we've been to the circus, to the park and out for lunch. I look forward to these weeks but also dread them slightly.

 What I've learnt this week?

Not to be so anxious and sometimes and do the things that scare me with the children. I wouldn't have taken them to the circus as I wasn't sure if cub would sit still and if bubba would like the clowns. It went amazingly and cub sat spellbound throughout and bubba loved it all. I felt so proud of them both and it was nice to watch them enjoying something together for the first time.

What we've achieved?

A non meltdown week and improving our time keeping record, we have been really bad of late at getting where we need to be on time but that is getting better and I hope to improve further. It's always difficult when you are dealing with two children at different stages of development and needs - getting them out of the house can be a real battle of wills.

Who's rocking the world this week?

Jamie Oliver - he is an all round nice guy who is trying to save the nations eating problems and has also been on social media this week saying kids eat free in his restaurants this half term. He's a great role model on how healthy living should be done.

Fabulous product of the week:

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...it was hubbys birthday this week and his big love is chocolate so I got him a chocolate subscription as one of his presents. Each month he gets a bar of quality chocolate delivered through the post to him...the birthday present that just keeps on giving. He loved it and I did too because I got to sample the chocolate as well. Win win.

What I want to take into next week?

Mindfulness - being in the moment more and putting my phone down more too. I'm working on the balance between working and home life and trying to not miss things the kids are doing whilst looking through a lens at them. I'm stepping back to simply enjoy every moment.

Friday Thought:

You've got to be in it to win it
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