21 Oct 2016

Fabulous Friday - it's all a learning curve

Fabulous Friday

I had a little break last week but I'm back and very much looking forward to half term which starts next week. 

What I've learnt this week?

That things change when you least expect it, bubba had slowly been getting better at going into school and then this week it all went wrong. She had a spectacular meltdown at the gates and had to be pulled in by two teachers, I cried after she went in and then on and off for most of the morning. By picking up time she was fine and on top of the world and I was relieved to have her back after a day of worry.

What we've achieved?

It doesn't sound much but we have had a couple of nights where the kids have shared things really well and I haven't yelled at anyone or dissolved into a quivering mess by the time hubby got home. I've also heard them bonding better than ever - cub went up to bubba and gave her a cuddle, then said "I love you Beeba" and she replied "I love you too" they cuddled again and went about their business. It was wonderful and simple and one of the best conversations I have ever listened to.

Who's rocking the world this week?

My best friend is rocking the world this week, she's really pushing her business and herself to achieve. It's fab to watch and I am right behind her and know she'll get where she wants to be...and I'll be there cheering her on....well done Gilly Bean.

Fabulous product of the week:

This week for me it has to be my Kikki K planner, I adore it and keep stroking it and don't need an excuse to keep getting it out. I got it in the sale which makes it even more appealing but it is the start of an obsession for me and I will be back to buy another one.

What I want to take into next week?

Breathing and mindfulness...Its half term and I will need to be mindful and remember the kids are just kids and I should embrace the mess. I will embrace the chaos and make some memories.

Friday thought...

Think positive and positive things will happen.
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