17 Oct 2016

The Christmas List...

I love Christmas, I really do and I can't wait for the magic and tinsel and fairy lights but am I the only parent who dreads the impending Christmas list time?

I feel the pressure as early as September (if not before) with all the adverts on the tv and hear the shrill "Mummy I want that one!" shouted in my general direction and my standard response which is "well you'd better put it on your Christmas list then". Even cub has started getting involved and will go up to the tv or point to things in magazines or on those billboards near bus stops and tell me what colour and which character he wants the most. This is all without them cruising through the Argos catalogue and ticking every other item on every page!

My biggest problem at the moment with a 5yr old and 2yr old is finding out what they really want, as it changes daily. I don't want to buy early only for the novelty of a particular toy to wear off by the time Christmas day arrives and I get one of those 'why did she let father christmas get me this?!?'.

But if I leave it too late then I may not get the essential item from the hot right now list and that isn't even worth thinking about on Christmas morning. We try to only get them both one main present and a few silly bits so its even harder to work out what they want in the list of overprice plastic fantastic toys.

It's also a challenge since Bubba announced that she is a non believer...she even listed the reasons why the big man in red isn't really real.
  1. One man can't do all that work in the night - he'll get tired
  2. Reindeer's don't fly
  3. there are lost of father Christmas's and they all look different (this point has bothered her since she was little).
  4. Who gives him the money to buy all those toys for the whole world
  5. Elves don't make presents, I've seen them being sold in Sainsbury's
All this was whilst we were on a long car ride and at first I tried to talk her out of it and explain it was all magic but then I really got it. I asked if she still believed in the magic of Christmas (& she does), as long as she is happy with what she thinks and can go on believing in the magic of the season then who am I to try and convince her otherwise.

I just hope my boy doesn't keep trying to climb the Christmas tree because at that stage I reckon the Christmas list will be the last thing on my mind!
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