25 Nov 2016

Five Things - Bubba should know about me

I love reading back old entries and this is an update with a deeper explanation of my reasons....

I found this lovely idea on Pinterest and it inspired me (although a lot of the ideas were for about 20 things she should know). I hope to do these every few months so that there is a good list of bite size 'things she should know' because I may not get a chance to impart my wisdom (or forget what's important at a particular time). So here goes...


21 Nov 2016

Debbie & Andrew's - Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas

Sausage Heaven...

I could just start and finish this post with that one statement above, we love sausages in our house and cub more so than the rest of us put together, so when we got the chance to sample these new sausages it was an exciting day.

I was interested in trying these sausages as they have reduced fat and salt which is always something to look out for seeing as my boy would eat sausages all day long if he could. They promise to be made of the best British pork too which I'm pleased about and obviously I checked the syn value with slimming world for myself (3 syns per sausage if you are interested which is fab for real sausages). They are suitable for those who are sensitive to gluten, wheat & dairy products..which again is me, so I'm happy about that.


19 Nov 2016

Snapfish - Christmas stocking filler ideas - Part One

  Buying presents at Christmas isn't always easy and once you've got the main presents sorted you have to deal with stocking fillers too. Well I've always loved a personalised present so got really excited when we had the opportunity to see what was on offer at Snapfish.


18 Nov 2016

Fabulous Friday - Winter bugs and busy times

Well life gets a bit hectic when little ones are ill and both kids have had some sort of bug and neither of them handles it very well so it's been a very up and down week for us.

What I've learnt this week?

That I sometimes need to put my phone down and get involved, lately I've been sat working whilst the kids sit and play a game together. I forget to watch and take in what they are doing and appreciate them and also join in with them because lego can be fun and colouring is my all time favourite activity.

What we've achieved?

I managed to buy the kids Christmas presents, we met father christmas and I've now hidden the presents I got. No mean feat when I usually have at least one child with me at all times, so it was a genius idea to take a morning off work, go get my hair done and then go to a toy shop.

Who's rocking the world this week?

Every mumma who has to deal with dress up days at school, outfits for Children in Need and the like, it seems to be something new every week. A few weeks back I sent bubba to school dressed as Cleopatra for a school inspiration day.

Fabulous product of the week:

It's a simple one this week, a nice cup of tea. I've been off tea for ages as I couldn't stomach milk but I've suddenly found a love for it again and after a busy day doing an event its all I want now.

What I want to take into next week?

Wellness please, my two become little diva's when ill and it's been a long hard couple of weeks recently so I'm hoping a week where we all get on well.

Friday thought...

Enjoy the simple things in life

16 Nov 2016

Father Christmas - our visit

We stood in the queue and I looked wistfully at the little girl in front of us. She was clearly prepared for her visit, dressed in her finest clothes and little Victorian style swing coat (Christmas red obviously) and her neat ponytail swung and curled around her shoulders as she giggled whilst learning her elf handshake.

I looked at my two, slightly scruffy and I'm not sure Bubba's hair had even been brushed as I mentally retraced our morning. It had been slightly chaotic with lots of shouting from the kids, both were slightly boisterous and fractious which is never a good combination. I felt numb from a weeks worth of motherhood and long nights where Bubba refused to sleep in her own bed. Our trip to see Father Christmas was all last minute, hubby and I had been lured in by the magician outside and I was still unsure whether the kids deserved to be here.

As the girl skipped into Santa's grotto with her mum, my two tried perfecting their elf handshake and had an impromptu cuddle (more of a wrestlers move), I moved over and jostled them to the side as another wave of children came in. I wondered how I could get them to behave better, were they too spoilt, why couldn't I have dressed them better?

Then it was our turn and we were ushered in to a glittery, present filled chamber where there sat Father Christmas. He beckoned them both over and asked questions which my big girl answered dutifully and my little man held onto her coat tightly, slightly shell shocked at the whole experience (it being his first visit to the big man).

I whispered a reminder for thank you and pleases - Bubba is good but cub needs a little reminder. We left with them both clutching a present and we headed to the photography area. Again I saw the little girl, this time on screen and beaming out at me, a perfect smile with Father Christmas, the perfect Christmas photograph. I mentally chastised myself for keeping my kids coats on and not brushing hair and it not being 'perfect'.

Then I saw it, our photo and instantly promised I would leave all the negativity behind, my imperfect perfect kids. I realised that this photo was what our family is all about, not the perfect airbrushed image.  We are slightly scruffy around the edges, we have cheeky grins and messy faces, we have love, giggles, tantrums and tears.

But look....I'm lucky I've got these two little elves
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