21 Nov 2016

Debbie & Andrew's - Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas

Sausage Heaven...

I could just start and finish this post with that one statement above, we love sausages in our house and cub more so than the rest of us put together, so when we got the chance to sample these new sausages it was an exciting day.

I was interested in trying these sausages as they have reduced fat and salt which is always something to look out for seeing as my boy would eat sausages all day long if he could. They promise to be made of the best British pork too which I'm pleased about and obviously I checked the syn value with slimming world for myself (3 syns per sausage if you are interested which is fab for real sausages). They are suitable for those who are sensitive to gluten, wheat & dairy products..which again is me, so I'm happy about that.

 They cooked really easily and quickly and for dinner I kept it quite simple as my two can be fussy with too many sauces and flavours all at once. Next time we try them it'll be on a play date and I'm going to make the suggested easy pasta for fussy eaters which I'll blog about too.

My two wolfed them down and Bubba actually asked for more which is really unusual for her because she grazes on smaller meals most of the time. I feel happy that the sausages aren't full of rubbish because it's a constant worry usually to make sure the children eat properly.

I nearly forgot to tell you that the packaging is really well thought out too with some activities for the little ones such as how to customise your wellies. Bubba is keen to try this soon so we will let you know how we get on,.

We were also sent these gorgeous little wellies to grow some herbs in so the kids were very excited to start them growing. So thank you debbie & andrew's, we really enjoyed the sausages and will definitely be getting some more.

We were sent a sample pack of sausages from debbie & andrew's to try and let them know what we thought.
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