19 Nov 2016

Snapfish - Christmas stocking filler ideas - Part One

  Buying presents at Christmas isn't always easy and once you've got the main presents sorted you have to deal with stocking fillers too. Well I've always loved a personalised present so got really excited when we had the opportunity to see what was on offer at Snapfish.

Well I knew the first present I would get made from snapfish when I saw that they did personalised cushions. From the moment we got her guinea pigs she keeps going on how she wants to have them in her room and she wants to cuddle them. So I spent a few evenings trying to coax the shy guinea pigs into their next top model pose and I think the finished article looks great. I was so excited when I opened it that I forgot myself and immediately showed Bubba and then realised it was supposed to be for Christmas...so a mummy fail there but on a good note - she loved it and takes it to bed every night.

I was so impressed with how easy it was to make and the great quality of it, so much so that I've lined up to get a few more made for the grandparents. The reverese of the cushion is suede on the reverse and you could pick the colours and also could have had a caption put on or there were different picture frame options. I'm so pleased with the one I chose.

Next up I decided to make my two best friends presents - we don't normally get presents but seeing as this is our 40th year and we've been friends for 35 years...this year it's all about presents and appreciating our friendship.

So first up I made a mug for my tea drinking lovely bestie - I decided to use the same photos but in different ways. I chose a frame that allowed me to put all the photo's on.


I chose some wording to go on it and the colour and again I uploaded it all from my mobile which was perfect. I can't believe how easy it was to do and really pleased with the outcome, the quality is fabulous and it's the perfect stocking filler for her.


The ordering process was so easy and if I'm honest it felt too easy and I was a bit worried about what might turn up. Three days later the entire order of a pillow, mug, photo collage, 20 prints and other bits arrived in the post - all packaged well. I was really impressed with the service we received and would recommend snapfish to my friends - as I mentioned earlier, we are getting more presents sorted from their website as we speak.

Part two with some of my craft makes are up in a few days so please do look out for them.

we were kindly sent a voucher code to use on the snapfish website in exchange for our thoughts on their products and services.
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