19 Dec 2016

My Little Gold Star

Watching as the lights twinkle on the tree and the small gold sparkling star twirls around on its thin gold string, almost as if its got a life of its own.

Each of the five points catches a different light and throws it back out in a different way illuminating other parts of the tree you sometimes miss. It starts to slow in its spinning and dances with a dip and twist every other turn, the lights bouncing off the points now.


16 Dec 2016

Easy Meals - Cranberry Sauce

A great recipe for Christmas. This is still a favourite of ours and I will be making it again this year...

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Now I know some people are already christmas'd out (or will be by the time Christmas actually gets here) but I had to bring this to you now as it tastes so nice.

I've never been a lover of sweet and savoury together. I can't stand ham and pineapple pizza and I leave the fruit out of my Tagine. As for cranberry sauce with a roast...err no thanks. So can you imagine my surprise when hubby returned to our table at ikea with meatballs in gravy with cranberry sauce and that I even swiped extra sauce off his plate! 


13 Dec 2016

Letting it go

I wanted to write tonight as we have a Super Moon and it's all about decluttering and letting go...so I'm purging my thoughts tonight. It's been a while since I've written and I've struggled a fair bit recently, life really has got in the way. So grab a brew and settle down whilst I ramble on....

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