19 Dec 2016

My Little Gold Star

Watching as the lights twinkle on the tree and the small gold sparkling star twirls around on its thin gold string, almost as if its got a life of its own.

Each of the five points catches a different light and throws it back out in a different way illuminating other parts of the tree you sometimes miss. It starts to slow in its spinning and dances with a dip and twist every other turn, the lights bouncing off the points now.

Gold stars remind us of Christmas and are all around, literally everywhere you look (bet you see loads now). My daughters class sang "follow that star" in her recent nativity at School, she often talks of the star of Bethlehem when she see's one.

But for me it represents a lot more - I often say to my little girl at bed time 'love you to the moon and back' and she replies 'mummy I love you to the stars and more'...we don't always do it but it represents our love and I find comfort in saying it and having her reply (which changes but always involves stars).

Another motivational saying also urges us to 'reach for the moon, if you miss you might land among the stars' and if my girl is good I'll tell her she's being a star!

Back to my spinning star, I can see our faces in the flat smooth surface on these  front, distorted but we are there, three of us, heads squished together because toddlers don't have spacial boundaries and if you can get as close to mummy as possible then you are winning at life.

Stars mean love, they are a symbol of love and in our house they are a positive thing. Cub knows what stars are and in the night sky he'll call planes stars too.  I can't wait for Christmas this year and to watch as my two little gold stars shine...


16 Dec 2016

Easy Meals - Cranberry Sauce

A great recipe for Christmas. This is still a favourite of ours and I will be making it again this year...

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Now I know some people are already christmas'd out (or will be by the time Christmas actually gets here) but I had to bring this to you now as it tastes so nice.

I've never been a lover of sweet and savoury together. I can't stand ham and pineapple pizza and I leave the fruit out of my Tagine. As for cranberry sauce with a roast...err no thanks. So can you imagine my surprise when hubby returned to our table at ikea with meatballs in gravy with cranberry sauce and that I even swiped extra sauce off his plate! 

Strangely in our shop last week, hubby (do you think this is a conspiracy?) put a punnet of cranberries in our trolley. He hasn't tasted one before and said he thought I liked them (I like drinking vodka and cranberry juice)! Well they have sat in the fridge for a week now but tonight I thought I'd try a cranberry sauce to go with pork chops. The crazy thing is, it's the simplest and quickest sauce to make and tastes a million miles from the dodgy jar creations in the supermarket.

Best thing is that Bubba tried it and liked it. Granted its probably not the best thing to give her loads of, as its a lot of sugar. But it got her trying cranberries, a win in my book.

Cranberry sauce

150g cranberries
150g sugar
110ml water

Bring all the ingredients to the boil whilst stirring. Then let it simmer for 10 mins or until the berries are soft. The mixture will thicken. It can be served straight away, stored in the fridge for a few days or frozen (once cool).
Ready for the freezer

13 Dec 2016

Letting it go

I wanted to write tonight as we have a Super Moon and it's all about decluttering and letting go...so I'm purging my thoughts tonight. It's been a while since I've written and I've struggled a fair bit recently, life really has got in the way. So grab a brew and settle down whilst I ramble on....

We've suffered illnesses, drama and stress, sometimes all in one go and I've got that parenting Groundhog Day feeling. Every day it's awake, rush around, work, home, rush around and late to bed. I'm hoping a bit of a Christmas break will recharge all our batteries and then it's back to a different kind of reality in the new year.

Cub is going from nursery (where he has been since 9 months old) to preschool, I get my wish of taking both my babies to school every day - at the moment it's split between Hubby and I. This means changes at work too and I'll be working shorter days but more of the week.

Bubba it seems has decided that she wants to be a scientist,fossil finder or diver when she grows up. She has a real thirst for knowledge now, is very good at reading and spellings (she'd need to be seeing as mummy sells books!)

My mothers guilt has been strong and it's more of a juggling act than ever to keep things on an even kilter. I'm determined to bring back the love to this little slice of happiness which is my blog, regardless of who reads this, I have so many lovely memories invested in this blog and it's wonderful to look back for myself.

It's all a bit of a long winded ramble but I'll have some exciting news in January to share and hope to add more value.

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