13 Dec 2016

Letting it go

I wanted to write tonight as we have a Super Moon and it's all about decluttering and letting go...so I'm purging my thoughts tonight. It's been a while since I've written and I've struggled a fair bit recently, life really has got in the way. So grab a brew and settle down whilst I ramble on....

We've suffered illnesses, drama and stress, sometimes all in one go and I've got that parenting Groundhog Day feeling. Every day it's awake, rush around, work, home, rush around and late to bed. I'm hoping a bit of a Christmas break will recharge all our batteries and then it's back to a different kind of reality in the new year.

Cub is going from nursery (where he has been since 9 months old) to preschool, I get my wish of taking both my babies to school every day - at the moment it's split between Hubby and I. This means changes at work too and I'll be working shorter days but more of the week.

Bubba it seems has decided that she wants to be a scientist,fossil finder or diver when she grows up. She has a real thirst for knowledge now, is very good at reading and spellings (she'd need to be seeing as mummy sells books!)

My mothers guilt has been strong and it's more of a juggling act than ever to keep things on an even kilter. I'm determined to bring back the love to this little slice of happiness which is my blog, regardless of who reads this, I have so many lovely memories invested in this blog and it's wonderful to look back for myself.

It's all a bit of a long winded ramble but I'll have some exciting news in January to share and hope to add more value.

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