8 Jan 2017

Finding My Happy Place

Being Brilliant

This weekend I've been at my company Gala where we learnt about industry news, had  a big fat feed and a connected with other organisers.  Whilst there we were treated to a session from the amazing Andy Cope (he has written several books on happiness - the Art of being Brilliant is his best seller. He spoke at our gala last year and was brilliant and again this year he did not disappoint. He recapped on the fleas in a jar mentality....google YouTube if you don't know what I mean, talked about his happy chair and at one point asked us all who was the happiest person we knew. A room of 500 women came to a general consensus that our children were the happiest and then he asked us "if nothing changed could we be happy?" We all agreed we should stop waiting for the perfect time to wear an outfit or do something as now is the only time we have! So if I want to eat a cake then I should eat a cake!

Real sage advice and so simple that you can't believe you didn't already think it and I arrived home yesterday full of ideas and goals. The kids were really pleased to see me and it was a hero's welcome which was nice and I vowed to be a slightly more awesome version of myself her on in.

Then today I was listening to some online training from a mindset coach and she was reviewing the year we'd had. It dawned on me that I hardly do any self improvement or have much 'me time' whatsoever, the best I could come up with was that I make a conscious efffort to spray perfume every day! She then asked us all what our definition of happiness was as lots of people don't know, as I sat staring at a blank sheet of paper I realised I'm one of them!!! I spend so much time saying how I just want to be happy but I don't even know what that is so no wonder I haven't found it yet... the best I could come up with were lots of little things that as a family we do anyway so I should already be happy.

What next

Well it sounds all new age I know but I'm going to give myself permission to actually feel happy, I'm working on daily affirmations and self care...no more negative talking to myself. I'm finally going to get rid of this last stone of weight to lighten up my mental health and also my actual waistline (I'm great at beating myself with a negative stick of self talk which will stop).

You know when I asked Bubba what makes her happy and what nice things I do (we had to write about ourselves) she said "cuddles with you mummy, they are the best" - as simple as that's!

It's a fabulous reminder of how to keep it simple and to appreciate even the small things and probably the reason kids are so happy - they keep it simple and they appreciate the small things.

So I'm working on these goals this year :)
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