4 Jan 2017

Mummy goals 2017

I've had a lot on this year what with the new job and looking after two small children, bubbas problems at school being bullied and the little boy making a transition from being a baby into a toddler. Life has been busy. 

Im a big dreamer, I've got lots going on and I make big goals and get really motivated by them. But I've spent most of this year feeling guilty and underprepared and not good enough. I've compare myself to others and come away thinking I should be in the same position as them, my blog should be that good, my business should be growing and my family life should be better. This leaves me making unrealistic goals and feeling let down and useless when I don't hit them.

Today I dropped cub off at nursery for his last day this year and I took a day off to spend the morning with my bubba. I felt guilty beyond compare to doing this and felt sad as we left him crying for mummy. Us girls headed for the shops to get the last few things we needed for Christmas. We stopped for a coffee waiting for the shops to open and I sat watching her colouring in and chatting away. I realised my one goal for next year, to spend more time with Bubba, listening to her and spending quality time just the two of us. I'm big on including everyone and our little family motto is 'nobody gets left out' but today felt a bit alien as it was just the two of us. I was a bit shocked that I could feel like that as she's been my life for the last five years. But I looked around, waiting to tell my little man to get down or stop running like a mad thing.

As we sat there I asked what she liked most about me

"You are beautiful mummy"

What do you like that I do?

"I love your cuddles mummy"

What don't you like me doing?

"Shouting at me mummy"

So we had a big cuddle and I promised next year there would be more cuddles and more time together (notice I didn't promise not to shout but I did say I'd try).
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