10 Feb 2017

Five turning Six - Your changes

I can remember when I sat up all night whilst you screamed as a newborn feeling helpless

I cried buckets when you used to hold onto my leg and had to be prised off at nursery

I would always make sure I was the first smiling face you saw when I hadn't been with you for a while

I felt so much pride when you were a little star at school nursery

The way you always reached for my hand wherever we were makes my heart swell

I catch a glimpse of the teenager in you, headphones on, slouched on the sofa listening to your 'tunes'

Your moods confuse me sometimes but others I can totally relate to.

The way you are learning to read is amazing and totally worth spelling out every. single. word!

Looking at you swim makes me realise how little you really are.

I fret about you coping ok all day without me at school, who will you turn to when I'm not there.

I smile when I think of your wit and comedic timing, you are sharp.

It makes me proud how you love to learn and your little brain is like a sponge.

The way you've taken to wearing glasses full time, like its nothing, has humbled me. The hospital appointments taken in your stride.

Your big heart is something I love the most about you, you love your brother and us and want to help everyone.

I'm looking forward to watching you grow up each day, month and year.

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