2 Aug 2017

Learning Through Play - Summer Holiday Ideas

Well it's been a while since I last posted here and to be honest I thought I was going to give up my ideas, motivation and time all vanished and I wondered if anyone really cared if I carried on!

Turns out my brain cared and so here I am...still plugging away. Anyway, enough of the waffle, I put together a Facebook post on Summer Holiday Ideas and seeing as we already a week into it I thought I'd share with you too.

Summer Holiday - Learning Through Play

Cake Number Sums

It's no secret that we love cakes in our house and so what better way to help with my daughters maths than with cakes. On the whole, Bubba is good at Maths and is doing really well as she nears the end of Year 1 Infants but every little helps so I had the idea of writing numbers on cakes so she could do some simple calculations (and then we all got to eat a cake or two).

In future I will also let the two of them write the numbers on the cakes but for blog purposes I did it myself with some cheap icing pens.

For Cub I just asked him to identify numbers which he did very well and looked so chuffed with himself once completed.

This would also make a great activity if you make the cakes yourself (which I clearly did not on this occassion) and takes up a bit extra of that rainy day holiday...you always get at least one! So measuring out the ingredients and actually baking themselves helps with the learning.

It's especially good that my little man loves nothing better than washing up at the moment too!

Rain Cloud in a Jar

Now this is one of my favourite activities as it's so simple and easy to do yet it has a real wow factor to it and the kids love watching it.

You'll need shaving foam, a jar (I used the cafetiere pot) and some food colouring.

Create your cloud of shaving foam on top of your water and then slowly drop the food colouring on and it will act like a cloud and once full up it will start seeping through into the water. This opened up lots of science questions from Bubba and cub just loved watching as it swirled around.

Word Jar

Again we are really lucky that Bubba is good at spellings and as I love writing myself (and she seems to have a talent for it) I like creating opportunities for her to keep doing it. I wrote on coloured paper all the exception words - plus a few of her favourite words, folded them up and dropped them in a jar. She will get about four words out (we started with one) and make a sentence up or paragraph including those words. This really lets her imagination flow and there were some hilarious results.

Story Stones

Sadly I cannot draw for toffee! But...I didn't let that stop me creating story stones for the little man, whenever we go on holiday to the beach I collect stones to bring home and usually put them in the garden or a jar and in an older post you'll see we used to draw pictures on them on holiday. Well now we add stickers to them and create stories. Cub really got involved in this game and it's lovely to see at three years old how his imagination is starting to progress...often by making up things about his big sister but still this game helped him focus that a bit more.

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