8 Sep 2017

5 Top Tips for the Best Legoland Experience with a Preschooler

We decided to finish the summer holidays with a bang and take our two on their first theme park trip, we've done Peppa Pig World but Bubba was only young and Cub was in a pram so this was the big test for us all. Legoland has been on Bubba's hit list for a while now and she talks about it all the time so we thought a surprise trip would be something she'd love.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to manage the trip with a three year old and six year old and what to do to get the most out of your trip.

First up Plan your Day...

This can be done a number of ways and the first is when you want to go; we decided on the date and then as it got closer we realised that it was meant to be raining for most of it (whereas the days around were hot hot hot). At first we had a flurry of changing dates/seeing if we could get time off work on other days but then I read lots of reviews which said on hot days the queue's, the wasps and the general number of people in the park was off putting. So we decided to work around the weather and now I'm so glad we did, we arrived when it was overcast and I headed straight to the shop and purchased us adult and children poncho's (I was a little over excited about doing this...I remember doing the same at Disney when I was a child). By the time we got down into the park and been on a couple of rides the rain was drizzling and so poncho's were popped on.

This kept us all dry and also we didn't get wet bums when sitting on the outside rides (also my kids hate wearing coats so this allowed them the freedom but knowing they stayed dry). The weather also allowed us to go on lots more rides that would have been busier if we'd picked a nicer day, the park wasn't as packed and the kids didn't care it was raining.

Check out the best deal on tickets

As a family of four and paying £60 each for a ticket makes it an expensive day out, we had picked up some of the Cadbury promotion packets of large buttons so we could 'buy one, get one free' and only pay £120 in total...it was so hard to eat all those buttons!!! But the day before we were due to go we checked on the cadbury website just to make sure and realised that the tickets were not useable on the date we were going. So we had a mad scramble the night before trying to get tickets and it ended up that Tesco clubcard points worked out the best deal for us - for the four of us we ended up only paying £21.99 for the four of us (we used £48 of clubcard points) so this was pretty amazing considering we were looking at at least £120. So always do your research and make sure you look at the small print because it would have been a nightmare turning up on the day to find we couldn't use the tickets anyway.

Get to the Park Early

We spent the night before in a hotel about three miles away because we are a couple of hours from Legoland and need to go around the dreaded M25. Heading out at the crack of dawn would have meant we hit rush hour and our journey would have been longer. We arrived at the park around 9.40am (rides open at 10am) so it was another way to miss the rush for the rides, we were able to get a close parking space and have a leisurely walk into the park (no long queues to enter).

Download the App and check out the Map

So before we arrived I did some research and looked up the best rides for under 5's and the family favourite ones. I'm so glad I did as we headed to those rides first and this meant we ended up doing about four rides in one go and didn't have to queue more than five minutes at any one time (this was good seeing as I have a three year old that cannot wait for anything and is always on the move). Some queues were 25 minutes at most (on a hot day queues can be over an hour or two for the popular rides). As this was our kids first real experience of a theme park, we kept it quite tame to start with and went for the younger rides to give them a taste for it. The only ride we ended up queuing for 20 minutes was the train ride around the park and as this was our last port of call we didn't mind too much and the queue was covered and it was raining fairly hard so it didn't matter too much.

Eat early or one queue whilst the other stays with the kids

If you can, it's great to eat early - we didn't take a picnic as we stayed in a hotel the night before so we were at the mercy of the park. We decided to go to the Chicken shack for lunch (basic chicken and chips in different forms) and there was a play park next to it. So I stayed in the park and hubby queued for about 20 minutes (not particularly fast food), it worked out well for us and by the time the kids got food they were hungry for it. The food was good and we were impressed with the quality and it all got eaten by the kids (which is always the best validation).

Our top three rides were...

The biggest hit for our two at Legoland was the submarine which is located at the back of the park (so we then worked our way forward as lots of people do it the other way around). It's great because the bottom panels in the submarine are glass and you can see lots of fish and sharks, there are interactive buttons that the kids can push too. I loved the Fairytale ride located in duplo land that just takes you around all the lego models in fairytales...I found it was a nice gentle ride that gave us all a rest from the high octane stuff. Lastly as a family we loved the Fire engines and this is the one ride we had to queue for 25 minutes to get on, Cub enjoyed it the most and refused to leave the ride and had to be carried off sobbing.

Last tips...

We did little things like pre book our parking to make it easier, we took snacks so that we weren't constantly queuing for food, kept it flexible and if we saw a ride with low queues on the way to one we wanted them we nipped on that to keep the kids interested.

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