3 Sep 2017

Gym Life - How I'm trying to Loose my Mum Tum

In the past I was fit and firm (how many times have we said that eh!) I used to not worry too much about my weight and was happy. I had two children and lost my motivation somewhat and since I have been struggling with my wobble and the scales have been going up and up and up.

After having cub I went to Slimming World and managed to loose 2.5 stone and kept it off for a long time. I then took a year and slowly put the weight back on and then had a leg operation which kept my sedentary for a while and piled more on.

We are going to a wedding at the end of the month and I want to feel comfortable in my skin and wear a dress (now that my leg is looking good again).

So I've decided to try and change my life and get fit - first up I got myself a Fitbit on Amazon Prime day so got a really good deal. I've been using it and tracking my steps and calorie burn and I love it (although it is a real eye opener at how lazy I've become). It really does motivate you to move more, it buzzes if you hit a goal and then sets you more and it tells me how little sleep I am actually getting...it can be quite upsetting to see the read lines (for awake) compared to the blue which I don't see that often (deep sleep)!

I have been focusing on my diet and working out my Macro's (the macro nutrients and what percentage of protein, fat and carbs I should be eating). I'm mostly there with it except for the odd packet of crisps here and there. I log everything I eat on My Fitness Pal and try to stick within a certain limit of food, we eat healthily and from scratch most days anyway but it's just the quantity of food I need to reduce slightly.

I've got my water intake up to 2 litres most days which was really difficult for me as I used to only drink a glass of water a day (if I remembered) and cups of tea. My skin has improved no end by simply staying hydrated which was enough to keep me on track with it all.

But I need more, so I have decided to rejoin a gym (having previously not doing it as I couldn't really afford the monthly fee), it seems I cannot do this alone so I'm going to find the money to make sure I can attend the gym. It's really nice to get back in the swing of it as I used to go often when I was younger, don't think I could ever call myself a gym bunny but I did enjoy keeping fit and it gets me out of the house for an hour or so.

My end goal is a dress like this...that I wore (at my slimmest after having cub) when I went to the Queens garden party. I remember feeling really happy and confident and that is where I want to get back to. We have a wedding to attend at the enough of the month and I'm hoping to at the very least be able to get into this dress. Wish me luck!

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