13 Oct 2017

Halloween Monster Rice Krispie Cake Treats

I always remember sitting in my best friends kitchen when her Grandma came down from York watching as she made us all some toffee Krispie cakes. We'd eagerly sit there waiting for them to cool down enough to stuff the stringy warm toffee and marshmallow treats into our little mouths. So when I wanted to make some monsters for Halloween I knew these would work perfectly and asked my bestie if I could use this recipe (her only caveat was that I send some of the finished monsters round to her).

These are so easy to make with the kids too so everyone is a winner and the very best bit is that you get to eat them as soon as you like and they store well for a few days. My little monsters don't like anything too scary at the moment so we went with some simple edible eyes but you could also add different food colourings or chocolate to make them more spooky for Halloween.

What you need:

200g Toffee
200g  Marshmallows
150g  Rice Krispies
50g    Butter
Edible eyes


  • Melt the butter in a pan (making sure it's big enough to fit all the ingredients)
  • Add the toffees and gently stir whilst melting them in
  • Then add the Marshmallows and again melt in - Keep gently stirring
  • Gently fold in the Rice Krispies and get them all covered in goo

I then made some monster shapes in cupcake cases and the rest I put into a tray (which had baking parchment in the bottom) and pressed it down into all the corners with a spatula.

Be warned that it gets ultra stringy and very sticky at this point so you'll find that almost everything gets covered in goo and you need to work quickly.

I then popped eyes on whilst it was sticky so they stayed on well. Then I let my little monsters loose on the warm monster cakes.

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