11 Oct 2017

Inspiring Books For Young Girls (& boys)

My girl has gone through some anxiety struggles lately and has been having a bit of a rough time, so I've been trying to inspire and uplift her whenever I can. So I'm always on the look out for books we can read at bedtime (& ones her little brother can appreciate too), I thought I'd let you know what are our four current favourites and now on a bedtime rota of their own. I'm always on the look out for more books because they really help Bubba an we love a good bedtime story so I'll be doing regular features of the new books we find - for 6yr olds and 3yr olds.

The Lion Inside - Rachel Bright

 I was wandering around Waterstones when I came across this book and it's lovely, I picked it up and just couldn't put it down again. I flicked through it once and I got a lovely feeling, so much so that I went back round (probably being followed by the security guard as I looked a bit iffy) and hunted out the book that was on the back page - you know the ones 'if you love this book then buy this...' hence why we also have The Koala who Could.

Well the main gist of the Lion Inside is that a little mouse is always being forgotten and overlooked and he decides to change and become more like the Lion, so goes to find out if he can teach him how to roar. It turns out the Lion is scared of mice! They eventually work it out and work together and the loveliest sentences (and I keep highlighting them to my girl) "You don't have to be big and brave to find your roar"

It prompted lots of conversation and Bubba admitted that she feels like a Lion at School and more of a timid mouse when outside of that environment as her worries and fears overwhelm her (or I guess she has more time to think about them).

The Koala Who Could - Rachel Bright

This book is also just as wonderful as The Lion Inside and now Bubba calls me her tree (and she is my Kevin the Koala). Another inspiring story about change and how to adapt to it positively - this one features a very fluffy Kevin who clings to his tree regardless of what's going on. He misses out on things but he is too scared to change his environment until he is forced to and then realises that life is good "Because life can be GREAT when you try something NEW!"

This often leads us to talking about what things we can do that are new and how if we always do the same thing, we will always get the same results. I like this book as the worst possible scenario plays out for Kevin but he deals with it brilliantly and has a 'can do' attitude after all.

Great Women Who Changed the World - Kate Pankhurst

I saw this book online and ordered it straight away as a while back Bubba came out with "But I'm only a girl, wish I wasn't a girl" that I thought I needed to take some drastic action and remind her why being a girl was amazing.

I came across this book and knew right away that it was one to help her understand what being a girl meant and that she too could do great things. It's split into inspirational women who changed the world in a positive way and we knew about a few but this had definitely helped us discover more.
It's split up with lots of visuals and the facts are dotted around so it makes a great bedtime read because my girl can look at the pictures whilst I read all the different bits. They are bite size facts that really give an insight into the individual characters. Bubba's favourites to read are Marie Curie, Mary Annings and Anne Frank and I even learnt lots from this book. I'm after the book all about science next because it's a real interest for Bubba (she wants to be an inventor / fossil hunter when she grows up).

Silly Billy - Anthony Browne

We were recommended this book from a lovely Instagramer, I had introduced worry dolls for my girl as she finds it hard to stay asleep at night (all her worries wake her up and then keep her up) and this book focuses on worries and worry dolls so it was a must for us.

Billy worries about everything and anything until his grandma gives him some worry dolls and they help his worries disappear. It was funny because at one point Billy worries that he is worrying his worry dolls too much and this is something that Bubba has also done since I gave her the worry dolls. So it was really hitting a spot for us and when her fears get a little out of hand we read this book and it's a great reminder that she isn't alone in worrying excessively.

The words in this book are nice and big and it's a book that Bubba (aged 6) has no problem reading alone. I would recommend this book if you have a little one struggling with anxiety and for any child with sleep problems because it's helping us to slowly come out the other side.

My Time

As for me, at the moment I'm reading a brilliantly simple yet revolutionary book all about choosing one thing to focus on and being the best at that. In my very crowded mind this is exactly what I need and its a great read too. It's helping me to be more focused in what I'm doing and shows that multi tasking isn't always the best way to go about things. If I get a chance to drink coffee whilst I'm doing it too then it's always a bonus.

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