6 Oct 2017

Meals Made Easy with Gousto Delivery

I was recently very lucky to win three Gousto box deliveries in a competition and couldn't wait to test out our first one. In the last few years lots of recipe delivery services have popped up where you can choose from a list of recipes and then the company send all the fresh ingredients for you to prepare at home.

Gousto pride themselves on using fresh, British ingredients and after receiving our first box we can't argue with this. I purposely went for meal options that we wouldn't normally make, as I see myself as a fairly adventurous cook at home anyway, so no pasta dishes for us. We wanted to try sauces that we wouldn't normally make ourselves and we weren't disappointed.

The process is so simple, you pick a date you would like the delivery and then you get all the menu options available for that date. The recipes are constantly updated and new ones added so that you are never going to get bored.

For our first box we went with:
Fish Nuggets and Asian dipping sauce
Easy Lamb Biryani
Thai Green Vegetable Curry
Halloumi Stew

Each box arrives with the recipe cards that set out all the steps you need to prepare the meal, and all the ingredients are all measured out for you. I loved this, as anyone can pick them up and know what to do although I did find some of the steps frustrating as a more advanced cook, they went too slow and I felt that I could have combined some of the steps.

As I'm trying to be more health conscious too, these meals fit in with our lives really easily as each one has the total calories and breakdowns on protein/fat/carbs. None of them so far have been really high in calories and I've been nicely surprised that I don't feel hungry afterwards (we are big foodies in our house and tend to over indulge sometimes by having a bit too much rice etc).

We did add a few extra's to our meals like flatbreads with our Lamb Biryani and some extra long stem brocolli with our fish nuggets but that's only because hubby likes to feel full after his evening meal. That's not to say that these were small meals (they are perfect size portions) and we have tried some different dipping sauces and I've cooked a Biryani which I always thought was a difficult meal to cook but it turns out it isn't. 

The very best bit of these boxes is that you are left with the recipe cards and so can recreate these meals again and again and again. We will definitely be doing more and I can't wait to get our next box.

Getting one of these boxes might not be something we do every week but we will get more boxes when life gets busy. It's so easy to order these and leave it up to them to provide you with the fresh ingredients and it takes all the faff out of things. For instance we ordered this box whilst we were having our bathroom refitted so it helped not having to think about going out shopping for food.

Gousto has a great offer on at the moment to try three meals for a reduced cost which you can check out here.

If you do try the boxes, let me know what you go for as I' always interested in finding out more good recipes to have in our next box.
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