26 Jan 2018

Easy Play Date Lemony Biscuits

I thought I’d share with you my easy, biscuits for kids, recipe as I made a batch earlier for a play date we have later. I was supposed to pop to the shops to get some biscuits but my littlest is tired and only wanted to come home from school nursery and rest. So as it’s Friday that’s exactly what we did and whilst he watched a bit of tv, I whipped up these simple biscuits.

They are so easy that the kids can help make them too (when they feel like it), it would also be a great activity to do whilst on the play date because there are only a few ingredients.

We have lots of different cookie cutters but for this we went hearts and Llama's because we are a 'no drama llama' family and well, if you have a llama cutter then why not!


What you need

175g Plain flour
50g Butter
100g Caster Sugar
A few drops of Lemon extract (or can use any flavour you want)

How to do it

Mix the butter and caster sugar together with your fingertips to make a light fluffy mixture.
Add the extract and give a little mix
Sieve in the plain flour and mix all together (you should end up with a slightly wet dough.
Roll out (using a little flour so it doesn’t stick)
Cut you shapes out

Bake in oven for 20 minutes (150 degrees if fan assisted)
**check regularly and take out when they start to brown**

Once cool, dust with Icing sugar and serve....these didn't last long at all.

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