22 Jan 2018

My Five Best Books - January 2018

Well it's been a while since I last blogged and it has been a chaotic mix of work and looking after the kids that have kept me away. I'm back now and hoping that as things have calmed down, I'll have a little bit of time to get back to what I love doing.

I thought I'd tell you about my favourite five books for 2018 so far, a mixture of books for the kids and myself.

For the little ones

First up is a lovely children's book, Bubba now feels she is too grown up for picture books and prefers novels (although I caught her having a sneaky read of this one) but it's just right for cub who has just found the joy of being read to.

'The Wise Old Wizard - Space Adventures' Faye Francis

It's all about a wise old wizard who is flying his kite and it takes him into space and around other planets.

"He looked in the distance at a planet big and red. He realised he was nearing Mars, excitement filled his head"

This book really caught the imagination of cub and it opened up a conversation about different planets and what was in space. Before now he has always been interested in astronauts but no other bits to do with space so it was nice to see his interest piqued.

This is a perfect bedtime story for him as it was very gentle to read and the colours although bold were well chosen.

Books for Grownups

The next two books are both mine (one a Christmas present and the other a birthday gift)

'The Book of Dust' - Philip Pullman

I  originally read his Dark Materials trilogy years ago and they fast became my all time favourites and so I couldn't wait to get this book too. So far it doesn't disappoint, its centred around a boy called Malcolm who is linked to Lyra and he has to go on a journey that affects both their lives.

It's a dark read and takes us back to the realm of daemons and lots of strong emotions. I just love it and look, even the hard back book is a feast for your eyes.

'Mindfulness - a practical guide' - Mark Williams/Danny Penman

I've tried to start this year in a thoughtful mindset and this book was recommended to me on Instagram. It comes with a CD of guided meditations which I was very interested in as it's something I've been getting more interested in lately. Mental health is something we all need to tune into and take seriously and I decided this was my year for doing that.

It's an eight week programme that you are guided through with well explained chapters and suggestions and i'm looking forward to fully immersing myself in it.

'I wish I was a Unicorn' - Urban Outfitters

This book isn't a reading book but an organising one and if there is one thing I love, it's writing notes and lists. This is an undated study organiser with 'to do' 'notes' 'objectives' and 'timetable' and it appeals to all my organisational tendencies. Plus it's Unicorn based which for me is another great feature. It's going to help me organise my work days better and make notes the night before (and keep all in one place which with the amount of notes I write is usually on bits of random paper).

'The Pony-Mad Princess' - Diana Kimpton

Bubba is turning into a very confident reader and this series of books has really caught her imagination. So much so that she now will only talk about ponies, owning her own one and taking riding lessons. She's learning through research, how to look after a horse properly and for me this could be her next (albeit expensive) hobby.

We read a couple of chapters together every night and we are both enjoying the series of books. To the point that if hubby reads to her instead one night, I have to be debriefed by her on what happened next.  These are also lovely books that she can read on her own to if the mood takes her, which is always an advantage.

So there you have my top picks for this January and no doubt I'll have more as we head into February and beyond.
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