5 Feb 2020

When Do You Call It Bullying?

I've thought long and hard before I wrote this post and it's something that has been going on for a while. I really don't want to cause any shade for any other parents involved and I know children are just still so little and I'm not playing the blame game. However I felt I needed to write incase another mother was feeling like I am now. It's a story of how my beautiful Bubba was bullied by her best friend at school

It Started Innocently...

My gorgeous Bubba is now 8 years old and most days I can't understand how that happened so fast. She's smart, funny and has the biggest heart possible. She thinks of others before herself and always has a nice thing to say about people (well maybe not her little brother always but that's sibling love isn't it!).

She has had a couple of friends over the years who she has grown with. There has always been the small disagreements and often Bubba bends first in the face of a grumble and that's how we've got to this point. For the last few years the relationship power struggle has intensified and Bubba has been slowly bullied into submission.

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