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Welcome to Bubba Babble - I'm Karen and enjoy writing about our parenting ups and downs. I'm interested in sharing with you our adventures and mainly the ways in which we learn, through reading and writing. My big love is books; reading them, sharing them and looking at them. Libraries are somewhere I think all parents and children need to go regularly.

Bubba & Cub

Bubba is a spirited girl who has strong ideas (already) on what she does like and doesn't like. She loves reading and is developing her writing skills and can chat ninety to the dozen on any chosen subject. She asks the 'What, if, why' questions a lot which can make for some fascinating conversations.

My boy is so chilled and smiley most of the time. He is going through the tantrum stages and loves nothing better than testing the boundaries. He is a runner and climber and has a real sense of adventure. We have fun together and struggle together but I wouldn't change any of it.

I work part time for my dad in the photographic industry and live with my wonderful husband and children in Kent.

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