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I'm Karen, a late thirties mum to a little girl (Bubba) who is four and a little boy (Cub) who is one.

About me:
  • I'm Karen and I'm a magazine addict - almost anything really, I get twitchy if I haven't got a few glossy's on the go.
  • I read a lot too when the littles leave me with enough time...it's all about words for me, written, spoken, read.
  •  I like autumn and winter more than summer - heat is not my friend
  •  Food is my thing and I'm always always always thinking about my next meal
About the kids:
Bubba is a spirited little girl who has strong ideas (already) on what she does like and doesn't like. My boy is so chilled and smiley most of the time. We have fun together and struggle together but I wouldn't change any of it.

I work part time for my dad in the photographic industry and live with my wonderful husband and children in Kent.

We are always happy to receive comments or if you just want to say hello then please feel free as we'd love to hear from you:


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